Henry Materna, owner and developer of The PeninsulaAbout Us

As a producer and director of many award-winning TV documentaries, I have traveled around the world for 35 years and seen many fascinating places. But when visiting Norris Lake, I fell in love with this stunning setting and immediately knew that this was where I wanted to be. I purchased the Peninsula property with the intention to create an exclusive gated lakefront community.

This vision is now a reality, as a number of happy owners have built the homes of their dreams. These homes have become a showcase on Norris Lake. To ensure THE PENINSULA standards are maintained, I have applied restrictions which not only protect the investment but considerably increase the value of the properties.

Come live in this exclusive gated lakefront community!

With stunning panoramic views of Norris Lake from every corner of your single-family residence, every day at The Peninsula is like a dream come true amidst this upscale Tennessee waterfront community situated on one of the most scenically beautiful lakes in the world.

Let the sounds of nature wake you up in the morning and hum you to sleep at night. This is a place where you fall in love with living.

To make certain that The Peninsula Lakefront community attains the uniqueness conceived by its founding members, only single-family, custom-designed homes will be built. No condominiums, villas or rental programs will be allowed. The development of your Norris Lake, TN property at The Peninsula will continue to be a place of retreat, surrounded by the beauty of Norris Lake.

Our exclusive gated lakefront community combines modern-day living with the beauty of nature at its finest

Investing or settling down in a lakefront community nestled between a pristine body of water and the security and beauty of an uncompromised forest preserve, doesn’t mean your lifestyle is without the amenities of modern-day living. All custom homes in The Peninsula are built to your specifications and include underground electric and city water. Recreational facilities and boat docks are available within the community or just minutes away. This is a place to enjoy boating, fishing, waterskiing, or just relaxing with the beauty of nature.

The Peninsula is the perfect lakefront gated community if you want to work from home in the best office the world can offer, invest in a promising real estate opportunity, or simply retire to a retreat where you can rejuvenate your spirits and health for a weekend, a season, or many years.

The Peninsula lakefront community: A good investment

The lots at The Peninsula lakefront community give you some of the most breathtaking views on Norris Lake. These views, along with a world-class living experience, offer a paradise like no other. As the community continues to mature and grow the prices of the lakefront properties are only going to rise. When you combine luxury with the beauty of nature you attain an excellent investment. And, with the cost of construction lower than it has been for years, now is the time to build your dream home.

Contact us today to obtain your share of this paradise on earth.